As a Loyal Longtime Employee, Should You Seek Workers’ Compensation?
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As a Loyal Longtime Employee, Should You Seek Workers’ Compensation?

Loyal longtime employees are entitled to and should seek workers’ compensation benefits just like any other employee. Sometimes dedicated employees feel reluctant to ask for benefits because they think it will hurt their employers. The truth is, the benefits are available to help you and you should take advantage of them.

How Do Employers Pay for Workers’ Compensation?

In Minnesota, employers must pay for workers’ compensation insurance through an insurance company. They pay premiums on an insurance policy, and in turn the insurance company provides coverage in case employees get injured. Alternatively, an employer can self-insure if it meets state financial requirements. All employers must have insurance even if they only have one employee. General liability business insurance does not cover workers’ compensation claims.

If an employee gets injured at work, then the employer must report the injury to the workers’ compensation insurance company. Do not hesitate to speak to your employer if you get injured, because any delay in reporting an injury could lead to the insurance company denying benefits.

Will Your Employer Get in Trouble Because of Your Injury?

Workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system. It is not designed to get you or your employer in trouble. Instead, the laws focus on paying for injured workers’ medical expenses and giving them compensation for time off work.

In some cases, your employer may have to undergo safety inspections or pay fines after a work accident. But these penalties are not because of anything you did. Your employer is responsible for following state safety rules and keeping workers safe. Even if you were not following the safety rules when you got hurt, you can still get benefits.

Will You Lose Your Job If You File for Workers Comp?

If you are a loyal longtime employee, you may fear losing your job because you filed for workers’ comp. Minnesota law protects all employees from retaliation for reporting injuries and requesting workers’ compensation benefits. Firing a longtime employee because he asked for benefits would be illegal. Since you have worked there for many years, you deserve to receive help paying for your medical expenses and money to make up for your lost wages. Do not worry about your employer’s reaction if you report an injury; think of the financial help you need now that you are injured. The workers’ compensation system requires your employer to help you out.

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