What is a QRC?

What is a QRC?

What is a QRC? (Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant)

How Can a QRC Impact Your Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Claim?

“QRC” is an acronym for “Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant.”

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, a QRC can help you recover from the trauma and get back to work — ideally, at your old job and wage rate. If your injury precludes you from working in your previous capacity, the QRC can help you find other employment, based on your restrictions, and even help with job retraining.

Your QRC can play a crucial role in your rehab and your case.

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry must approve all QRCs. But some vocational specialists are more “insurance company friendly” than others. Biased QRCs aren’t bad people or unethical, but they often strive to close files rapidly and cheaply.

A biased QRC can adversely affect your case by:

  • Downplaying the nature or extent of your injuries;
  • Pushing your physician to give you a premature green light to return to work;
  • Asking your physician to eliminate or reduce your restrictions;
  • Failing to advocate for your rights aggressively and to look for creative solutions.

On the other hand, a trusted QRC can be a pivotal ally. He or she can:

Surface and address all potential injuries to maximize your rehab; Help you avoid pushing yourself to return to work too soon. (Contrary to conventional wisdom, many injured workers crave to be productive and return to doing work they love. This over-eagerness can be dangerous.) Work with you and your doctor to come up with creative strategies for retraining and for managing restrictions, such as your reduced ability to bend or carry objects.

Can you choose your QRC?

The insurance company may assign you a QRC, or you can choose your own vocational rehab specialist. Once the company has made its choice, you have 60 days to accept or reject the QRC.

Before you sign off, connect with an experienced Minnesota workers’ comp law firm, such as the Osterbauer Law Firm. We’ve helped hundreds of clients like you get matched up with qualified, trusted QRCs.

Need more clarity on your rights and obligations?

Whether you’re confused by the QRC selection/vetting process; or you’re dissatisfied with the person chosen by the insurance company, get in touch with the Osterbauer Law Firm today. We’d be happy to set up a free evaluation of your workers’ comp case.