If You’ve Been Injured at Work

If You've Been Injured at Work

What to do If Yout've Been Injured at Work

Do you know What to do If You’ve Been Injured at Work? If you have been injured at work, hurt in an accident, we recommend taking the following steps to protect yourself and maximize the workers’ compensation benefits available to you:
Depending on the extent of your injury you should either seek medical attention or report your injury to your supervisor. In Minnesota, you may have up to a 180-day time limit in which to report your injury,but there are exceptions so please call for your free consultation as soon as possible. See a doctor. Your employer may ask you to see one of their doctors for an initial examination, but you have the right to see your own doctor if you wish. File a workers’ compensation injury claim.

Contact a work comp lawyer. In a number of circumstances, hiring a workers’ comp lawyer can be beneficial:

To make sure you receive the maximum benefit you are due.
If your workers’ compensation injury claim has been denied
If your workers’ comp benefits are being paid, but for the incorrect amount
If you experience retaliation by your employer
If you are denied medical care
If your employer or insurance company are attempting to modify, suspend, terminate, or stop your wage loss and medical benefits

Protecting Workers’ Rights throughout Minnesota

At Osterbauer Law Firm, our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in workers’ compensation law. If you have been injured at work, we can guide you through the steps of filing a workers’ compensation claim, explain the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a lump sum settlement, and tell you about potential threats to your benefits.

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