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    Your Free Consultation - What to Expect in Your First Meeting

    We Make Sure that Injured Employees Get the Benefits They Deserve.

    If you have been injured at work, the entire process can seem confusing and overwhelming. While you’re likely getting a lot of advice from management at work, your co-workers and maybe even doctors and representatives from the insurance company, it can be hard to know who really has your best interest in mind.

    The reason you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer is to ensure that someone is on your side, protecting your rights, and looking out for your best interest through the entire process.

    We will answer your questions for free.

    It’s completely normal to have questions about the process, and there are no stupid questions. Filing for benefits under Workers’ Compensation is a complex process, and having someone on your side makes a huge difference. Our job as workers’ compensation attorneys is to help you understand how the law applies to your situation, and give you options for moving forward. In the first meeting, you are under no obligation to hire us. We are happy to answer your questions and explain your options.

    You Do Not Pay Anything Up Front

    If you choose that you would like us to represent you, you still do not have to make any up-front payments. We work in a contingency basis, meaning we are paid a part of the money we recover on your behalf.

    The first meeting is free, and you do not pay any any fees up front. Call us today at 612-334-3434 to learn how easy it can be to have an experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer on your side.

    Why do I need a Workers' Compensation Attorney?

    Most people just want to get better, get back to work, and put the whole situation behind them. However, agreeing to whatever your employer or work comp carrier asks you to do can lead to a variety of potential problems, including:


    Not receiving all of the payments, benefits or time off you deserved Being forced back to work too quickly Having pay reduced because you can no longer perform your old duties Not being allowed to choose your rehabilitation consultant or doctor

    Why do I need a
    Workers' Compensation Attorney?

    At Osterbauer Law Firm, we handle the legal and financial elements of your case so you can focus on getting better. While you are going through all of this for the first time, we have extensive experience in working through the entire workers’ compensation process. We put that experience to work for you to make sure that your work comp claim ends with the best possible result for you and your family. To learn more about how we can help you work through your workers’ comp claim and get you the best outcome possible, call 612-334-3434 or contact us online a free initial consultation today.