The Benefits of Working with Our St. Paul Workers' Compensation Attorney

The Osterbauer Law Firm is recognized as the best law firm for workers compensation in the Saint Paul area. We have over six decades of legal experience, with our attorneys experienced in representing clients hurt on the job across all industries and with all types of injuries and job-related health issues.

Having a top St. Paul workers compensation attorney on your side offers several benefits. We fight to ensure you receive a fair settlement and are fully informed of your options under the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Law. We represent your interests in any discussions or legal hearings regarding your case, providing the legal representation you need to be heard and to have the case settled in your best interest.

Signs You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney in St. Paul, MN

There are many employers in the St. Paul area that are extremely fair with their employees and follow the Workers’ Compensation Law. Unfortunately, there are also employers who willfully or unknowingly fail to follow the law. There are several signs you should contact one of our team including:

  • Your employer is delaying your work comp claim
  • Your employer or management is denying the injury occurred at the workplace
  • Your manager is questioning what you were doing at the time of your workplace injury
  • Your employer with a history of denying legitimate work comp claims.

Start with a Free Consultation

Talking to the best workers compensation lawyers near St. Paul starts with a phone call to 612-334-3434. We can arrange to meet with you at our office or at your location, just let our St. Paul workers compensation attorney know what works best for you.  You will not pay anything for the consultation, and even if you choose to hire us, there will still be no out-of-pocket costs.  We will handle your claim and get you the best possible outcome, and then are paid out of the money we recover on your behalf.  If we do not successfully make a recovery for your work comp claim, you owe nothing.  

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