Workers' Compensation Claims for Manufacturing and Factory Workers in Minnesota

Minnesota manufacturing and factory injuries are diverse and scary. Whether you lost a loved one in a warehouse fire; you developed cubital or carpal tunnel syndrome after years of working on an assembly line; or you contracted a respiratory disease due to chronic exposure to harsh chemicals, you may be confused about your rights. How can you collect money for your medical care, lost work time, and any ongoing therapies or rehab you will need? The attorneys at Osterbauer Law Firm have a combined 76 years of experience working on these types of claims and will be able to walk you through this process and guide you every step of the way.

The Risks of Manufacturing and Factory Work: Both Obvious and Not-So-Obvious

When you got hired, your employer probably took you through a lengthy training process and explained the hazards of the job. Even “safe” factories and manufacturing operations are not injury-proof. Thousands of people every year in Minnesota and beyond suffer injuries, such as:

  • Slip and falls on factory floors;
  • Crushing and falling injuries;
  • Injuries related to toxic exposure to solvents, polymers, gases, and volatile organics;
  • Electrical and fire injuries;
  • Injuries involving vehicles, like cranes, small trucks, and lifting equipment.

Stories of factory machines malfunctioning to horrible effect capture the public imagination. But chronic occupational problems can prove just as debilitating. Repetitive factory work can lead to damage to tendons, ligaments, fascia, and other soft tissue, leaving afflicted workers sore, in chronic pain, and dependent on pain relievers just to get through life.

Assigning Responsibility for What Happened and Getting Fairly Compensated

Some factory accidents are fairly simple: for instance, a careless supervisor fails to engage a safety switch, thus provoking a serious machine-related injury. In many cases, though, apportioning blame and responsibility is not easy. Large operations involve many supervisors and subcontractors working simultaneously. It can be devilishly difficult to identify the true root cause (or causes) of certain events. Culprits can include:
  • Poor supervision;
  • Damaged or misleading signage;
  • Employee malfeasance/negligence;
  • Broken business processes;
  • Malfunctioning equipment;
  • Bad weather or other “acts of God”;

Depending upon the facts, you may be advised to file a personal injury claim in addition to your workers' comp claim.

Even if you somehow caused or contributed to your injury, you may still be entitled to Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits. A workers’ comp claim is not like a personal injury claim. You do not need to prove that anyone behaved negligently or caused the problem.

Getting Help Early in the Process Is Key

Whether you just got home from the hospital, or you’ve had time since your accident to contemplate your next actions, please consider getting touch with the Osterbauer Law Firm for a free, confidential consultation. We will go anywhere in Minnesota to meet with you, and we know what insurance companies don’t want you to know. Get in touch today to get help.