Minnesota Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorneys

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Minnesota Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorneys

Cars and pedestrians have to interact and share public space and roadways. Sadly, not everyone observes or understands the rules of the road that govern right-of-way at stop signs, crosswalks and stoplights.

At Osterbauer Law Firm, our Minnesota Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorneys understand how and why pedestrian accidents occur and are prepared to put the law on your side. It is, however critically important that you act quickly to protect your own rights by calling us promptly. Once you do, we can immediately begin protecting your rights and taking steps to preserve critical evidence.

Pedestrian accidents are frequently caused by:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Semi trucks
  • Buses
  • Taxi cabs

Public transportation No matter how obvious their own liability, negligent drivers and their insurance companies will almost always try to pin some or all of the blame for a pedestrian accident on the injured person. Don’t make the mistake of speaking with an insurance adjuster before calling 612-334-3434 for a free consultation and attorneys who know how to prepare and present a winning case.

Experience You Can Trust

Drawing from a wealth of combined experience with personal injury cases, our lawyers handle pedestrian accident cases in Minneapolis/ St. Paul and throughout the Minnesota Area. We recognize that if you’ve been injured you may be overwhelmed by the stress associated with paying medical bills, recovering physically, returning to work or just trying to live life.

Because of that, we do our best to ease as much of our clients’ stress and anxiety as possible by being accessible and responsive throughout the process ? and by providing our clients with the opportunity to work on a one-to-one, face-to-face basis with an experienced accident attorney. This is how we’ve earned the respect of our peers and built our reputation, and this is how we can help you.

If you would like one of our personal injury attorneys to review your pedestrian accident claim, contact us to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. In most cases fees are charged as a percentage of any settlement or judgment awarded our clients. If we fail to win your case, you will not be obligated to pay any legal fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a pedestrian causes an accident through their negligence, the pedestrian can be held responsible for the damages to the vehicle or vehicles and individuals involved in the accident.
Osterbauer Law Firm offers a free case evaluation. This allows our experienced pedestrian accident lawyers to review the facts of your case and provide information on your next steps.
Bring any documentation, reports, medical records, or itemization of expenses related to the accident. This also includes records of time off work and any expenses, such as the need for home health care services, caused by the injuries.
It is not uncommon for personal injury cases to settle out of court. This can take just a few months. When cases have to go to court, the process can extend a year or longer.
In most cases in Minnesota, all personal injury cases must be filed within two years of the date of the injury. There can be some differences in this timeline based on the specifics of your case. Talking to one of our attorneys as soon as possible after the injury is highly recommended.