A Top Twin Cities Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal Injury Lawyer Twin Cities

A Top Twin Cities Personal Injury Law Firm

In the Twin Cities area, Osterbauer Law Firm is one of the top law firms for personal injury cases. Our reputation for representing our clients successfully in settlements of personal injury cases or through litigation is a central focus in our law practice, and we only work with clients for personal injury and Workers’ Compensation cases.

Our specialization allows our personal injury attorney team to focus exclusively on working in this highly complex area of the law. We represent clients in the Twin Cities area in a range of personal injury cases including automobile accidentsdog bitesslip and fall accidents as well as wrongful death cases.

Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

When you need a car accident lawyer or an attorney to represent you after being injured in a slip and fall accident, our professional, experienced attorneys are here to provide the legal expertise your case requires. Clients in the Twin Cities area or those across the state can contact our office for a free initial consultation to assist you in understanding your case.

Our expertise in personal injury allows us to settle many of the cases we represent without the need to go to court. This allows rapid settlement for our clients, providing them with fair compensation in a timely manner.

However, our car accident lawyer is also highly experienced in the litigation process. When it is in the best interests of our clients, we will vigorously pursue court action, ensuring our clients get the compensation they are entitled to based on their case.

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Personal Injury Law

Personal injury involves any injury to an individual. This area of law allows an injured person to sue in a private action called a civil action

Workers' Compensation

All states have workers’ compensation laws. The state in which your accident occurred will have jurisdiction in your case. Also, the state

Effective Injury Lawyers

We have a strong belief in the relationship between our lawyers and our clients. With twenty years of experience to offer, our clients have full