Problems with Your QRC

Problems with Your QRC

Problems with Your QRC? How Can You Get a New QRC Assigned?

Perhaps an insurance company recently assigned a QRC (Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant) to your case, and you’re scrambling to figure out how this person could impact your treatment and job retraining. Or maybe you’ve grown disenchanted with your QRC, for whatever reason.

In either case, here’s a quick guide to help you regain control over your rehab and retraining — and to protect your rights as an MN workers’ compensation beneficiary.

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Why Are You Frustrated with Your QRC?

  • Has the QRC overtly or subtly taken the insurance company’s side?
  • Has he or she unfairly discredited your symptoms or questioned your injury?
  • Has the QRC pressured your doctor to loosen restrictions or urged you to return to work prematurely?
  • Does the QRC seem determined to close your case, ASAP? Rehab can be difficult, and it can help to have someone push you out of your comfort zone. But your QRC’s first priority should be your health and well-being, not an insurance company’s bottom line.
  • Does the person lack skill or training? Although all QRCs must be approved by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, not all vocational rehab specialists are equally qualified. Your QRC may lack experience with your peculiar type of injury or rehab.
  • Is the QRC just a bad match for your personality? Whether you “mesh” or not with your QRC may seem like a minor concern. But rehab is a personal, sensitive process. Some people prefer a “drill sergeant” approach, while others need lots of compassion and empathy.

How to Get a New QRC Assigned

Once a Minnesota workers’ compensation insurance company assigns your QRC, you have the power to either accept or reject that person. At any time during the next 60 days, you can inform the insurer that you want to choose your own QRC. You don’t need to provide an explanation, and the insurance company must agree to your request.

Of course, choosing a “replacement” QRC is easier said than done. You probably lack the knowledge, energy and time to find a trusted, qualified person to do the job.

Fortunately, you can turn to the respected team at Osterbauer Law Firm for help with your Twin Cities workers’ comp case. We work with a roster of exceptional QRCs, who are not beholden to any insurance companies and who can make your road to recovery simpler and less confusing. Connect with us today online or call us, toll-free, to set up a free consultation.