Minnesota Construction Site Accident Attorneys

Construction Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

Working in the construction industry creates a risk for employees, no matter how careful and safety conscious they may be. At Osterbauer Law Firm, we understand the potential hazards on the job, and our experienced construction site accident attorneys are here working on your behalf to get the Workers’ Compensation you deserve.

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Construction Site Accidents

Our construction site accident attorneys are familiar with the typical types of injuries suffered in any type of demolition or construction work. Our clients range from professionals in all trades and those working both as non-union as well as union professionals.

  • Falls, including those resulting in significant or permanent injuries
  • Accidents occurring on scaffolding or ladders
  • Equipment failure or injuries from tools and machines
  • Disasters in the workplace, such as electrical injuries, explosions, and fires
  • Accidents from heavy machinery and job site vehicles
  • Spinal injuries
  • Injuries from slick or oily surfaces or other types of slip and fall accidents

While workers’ compensation is designed to cover these types of accidents, many insurance companies and employers deny these types of claims or offer only minimal settlements. Working with one of our work injury lawyers ensures you get a fair settlement offer.

Contact Us After Your Job Site Injury

Our construction accident lawyer working on your case will ensure you understand your rights under the law. We can also follow up if there are others involved, such as third parties who may also be negligent or liable, and ensure they are involved in your claim.

Take the guesswork out of workers’ compensation and work with an experienced work injury lawyer. Contact Osterbauer Law Firm for a free case consultation and to work with an attorney who specializes in this complex area of the law.