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Slip and Fall Accidents

Minnesota Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys

If you have been injured from a fall, it is crucial that you discuss your claim with knowledgeable Minnesota Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys before you talk to an insurance company. We advise you not to give any recorded statement to the insurance company and to speak with one of our attorneys prior to speaking with them. Remember anything you say to an insurance company representative can be used against you in any future court proceeding.

Slip and fall liability cases, also commonly referred to as “premises liability” cases are frequently the result of negligence on the part of the property owner. If you or a loved one has been injured in a fall due to the negligence of a property owner, you may have a slip and fall liability claim. Common cases are those where a person falls due to a broken or cracked sidewalk, defective stairs, curbs or floors, and ice, snow, water or other liquid being left on a floor or walkway.

Contrary to popular belief, a slip and fall injury on another party’s property does not automatically mean that the property owner is liable for negligence. In most cases, to hold a property owner or manager liable, they must have known or should have known of the alleged “defect” that caused the fall. It is important that you speak with an experienced attorney about your injury to determine if you have any right to make a premises liability claim.

Insurance companies have begun to drastically reduce the amount of money they are willing to pay to settle personal injury claims. Keep in mind that insurance companies do not exist to pay claims – they exist to make a profit. It is critical that you hire an attorney with the experience and know-how to protect your rights against insurance companies whose only purpose is to avoid paying you the money that will adequately compensate you for your injuries.

The Minnesota slip and fall liability lawyers of Osterbauer Law Firm have successfully represented people injured by negligently maintained or constructed premises across the state of Minnesota. These cases have ranged from:

  • Porch, deck and dock collapses
  • Fires
  • Trips or falls on uneven curbs or sidewalks
  • Elevator drops
  • Stair collapses
  • Slip and fall incidents

Victims in premises liability claims may be entitled to compensation for their past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability, and lost wages. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, allow Osterbauer Law Firm to put our resources, talent, and know-how to work for you.

Contact us to discuss your claim and schedule your free initial consultation. In most cases fees are charged as a percentage of any settlement or judgment awarded our clients. If we fail to win your case, you will not be obligated to pay any legal fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is any possibility of injury, seek medical attention and notify the doctor of the slip and fall. He or she should record all symptoms and medical issues at the time of the appointment. Contact our legal team as soon as possible after the injury to evaluate your case.
Slip and fall cases are personal injury cases. The property owner’s insurance company will make a settlement offer after the claim is filed. These offers are typically very low, and with our attorneys, we can then move forward to negotiate or litigate a fair settlement offer.
If the property owner or at-fault party is not compensating you for all of your injuries, lost wages, and other damages, getting a slip and fall lawyer should be a priority. It is also critical if the injuries are significant or if they result in temporary or permanent disabilities.
Seek medical help and notify the doctor of the slip and fall. Contact our offices to speak with our attorneys before talking to the insurance adjustor.
Follow all doctor’s recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation. Keep accurate records of all medical visits and follow-ups and be sure to report ongoing medical issues to your doctor. Talk to your attorney about what to do and not to do to avoid compromising the case.