Vision & Hearing Loss

Minnesota Blindness, Vision and Hearing Loss Injury Attorneys

Workers' Compensation for Blindness, Vision and Hearing Loss Injury

We are proud that our Minnesota Blindness, Vision and Hearing Loss Injury Attorneys have been able to help people that have suffered life-changing workplace injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered permanent hearing or permanent vision loss due to an accident at work, the Minnesota workers’ compensation allows you to be compensated for the hearing and vision loss.

Osterbauer Law Firm has specialized hearing loss injury attorneys in the Twin Cities, as well as a vision injury attorney in Saint Paul. Our highly experienced attorneys will gather the evidence and medical documentation required to show the damage to your hearing or vision meets the requirements for compensation.

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Blindness and Loss of Vision

Work-related blindness or loss of vision can be due to an accident or long-term exposure to unsafe conditions. Impacts and foreign object damage are also prime causes of injury, and our Minnesota vision injury lawyer can provide you with an evaluation of your case.

Deafness / Loss of Hearing

Our hearing loss attorneys have expertise in representing individuals across the state with hearing loss from trauma to the head or exposure to specific types of noise. This can include single load noises, such as an explosion or a blast, as well as chronic workplace noise that impacts hearing.

With different options in settlement benefits, our hearing loss attorneys can help you to choose a lump sum payment or payments over time based on your specific situation.

Call us for a free consultation with hearing loss and vision injury lawyers with experience in the law and in protecting the rights of injured employees.