Can Talking to Family and Coworkers Impact Your Workers’ Comp Claim?
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Can Talking to Family and Coworkers Impact Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

You may be surprised to learn that just talking to your family and coworkers could impact your workers’ compensation claim. Primarily, oversharing information about your case could lead unexpected consequences.

Be Careful What You Share with Your Family

Unfortunately, family members sometimes take information about workers’ compensation the wrong way. For instance, if they learn that you are expecting a large settlement payment, they may start asking you for money. If they hear that you are receiving benefits payments while you are out of work, the same may happen.

Also, stress from your family life could impact your recovery from a workplace injury. This could be financial stress because you are not making as much money, or personal stress. Take it easy and be sure your family understands that recovery is your priority.

Be Careful What You Share with Your Coworkers

Though coworkers become like family in some workplaces, be very cautious about giving them information about your workers’ compensation case. While your case is ongoing, your employer and its insurance company have a vested interest in paying you as little money in benefits as possible. For your employer, this keeps insurance premiums down.

If you talk to your coworkers about your injury, the benefits you are receiving, or a settlement, this could get back to your employer or the insurer. For instance, the insurance company could find out that you told your coworker a different story about how you were injured than you originally told. This could lead to discontinuance of your benefits. Also, employers may worry about a flood of workers’ compensation claims if your coworkers find out that you got money.

Of course, you may need to talk to your coworkers about safety issues that led to your injury. You probably worry that your injury could happen to someone else. Speak to your manager or the safety team about addressing hazards, but make sure not to over- or under-exaggerate your injury during the discussion. Focus on what the hazard was, and how to fix it.

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