Can You Go Back to Work with a Different Employer After Filing a Claim?
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Can You Go Back to Work with a Different Employer After Filing a Claim?

The workers’ compensation system in Minnesota encourages workers who are not permanently disabled by work injuries to return to gainful employment. Some employees can return to work for the same employers as before their injuries. Others need to find new employment for various reasons.

Your Employer Fires You After an Injury

Unfortunately, some injured workers get fired from their jobs soon after making workers’ compensation claims. If this happened to you, you can go back to work with a different employer if you are able. Minnesota law protects you from retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim. But if your employer has already fired you and you can return to work, start looking for a job. You can pursue a claim against your employer for retaliation while you job search.

Your Employer Cannot Accommodate Your Restrictions

If you have medical restrictions because of your injury that affect your ability to perform your old job, some employers will be able to accommodate the restrictions. Others will either refuse to accommodate them or simply not have a job available that you can perform, even with adjustments. To receive wage loss benefits, you should begin looking for a new job that can accommodate your restrictions.

If you need help returning to work and your employer cannot accommodate you, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services with a QRC. These services may include job placement, job search help, and suggestions for modifying job duties.

You Need to Change Industries to Find the Right Job

If you are out on workers’ compensation leave and cannot return to your previous job, you can request retraining. Retraining involves formal studies to learn a new vocation or skill. Workers whose injuries render them unable to return to their old industry may find retraining useful. For example, a construction worker who cannot perform physical work due to an injury could take courses on computer skills and transition to an office job with a new employer.

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