Can You Go on Vacation While on Workers’ Compensation Leave?
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Can You Go on Vacation While on Workers’ Compensation Leave?

Your family has had a vacation planned for months, but now you are out on workers’ compensation leave. Can you still go on the vacation? Yes, you can, but there are some important caveats you should remember.

Receiving Medical Treatment

There is no prohibition under Minnesota law from going on vacation while you are on workers’ compensation leave. However, you should avoid missing important medical appointments while you are out of town. The insurance company will notice if you miss medical treatment and could use it as an excuse to stop benefits or make a lower settlement offer.

If you have a vacation planned, your best option is to schedule appointments around those dates. Ask your doctors’ offices well in advance so that you can visit when it works for you.

Surveillance Is Constant

While you are on vacation, keep in mind that insurance company surveillance of injured workers may not take a break. If the insurance company finds out that you are going out of town, it may send an observer with you to videotape your vacation activities. The goal is to catch you doing something that violates your restrictions, that shows you are not really injured, or that shows you are not as injured as you claim. Follow your restrictions while on vacation, and remember that someone may be watching you.

Job Searching

If you are working with a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) or otherwise searching for a new job, don’t let vacation keep you from the search. Schedule interviews around the time you are gone, and make sure to job search just before you leave and right after you get back. Then the insurance company will not have a strong argument that you have stopped looking for a job.

Depending on where you vacation and your willingness to relocate, you even could incorporate a job search into a vacation by interviewing with local companies while you are away. Talk to your QRC about whether finding a job in a new location is right for you.

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