Can You Hire a Lawyer Halfway Through a Workers’ Compensation Case?
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Can You Hire a Lawyer Halfway Through a Workers’ Compensation Case?

If you are in the middle of a workers’ compensation case, you may get to a point when you think you need a lawyer. But is it too late to hire a lawyer? No, in fact many injured workers find lawyers halfway through their cases.

There are many reasons you might decide to retain a lawyer:

  • The insurance company won’t approve a surgery or other medical treatment
  • You have been receiving benefits, but you just got a notice that they are ending
  • After returning to work, you discovered that you cannot do the job with your new restrictions
  • You need help finding a new job or retraining for a new industry
  • You’re tired of fighting the insurer for every treatment, and you want to settle
  • You don’t think you’re getting appropriate benefits for your situation

Regardless of why you decide to seek out legal advice, it’s good to ask for help when you need it. A lawyer can take over your case, get up to speed, and take over many tasks such as:

  • Correspondence with the insurance company
  • Setting up a vocational rehabilitation consultation with a QRC
  • Checking that you are getting appropriate wage loss benefits
  • Negotiating a settlement
  • Filing a claim petition

Simply put, hiring a lawyer takes many challenging and time-consuming tasks off your plate. Choose a lawyer who has experience with the workers’ compensation system and gets results. Then you can focus on recovering from your injuries and getting back to the rest of your life.

Since you have been handling your case so far, you probably have a lot of paperwork and information that your lawyer will need. We suggest gathering all documents in one place and taking them to the initial consultation. If you know of any upcoming deadlines in your case, such as expiration of benefits, be sure to inform the lawyer at the consultation.

If you are uncertain about whether to retain a lawyer, try going to a consultation. The lawyer can address your concerns and explain how he or she can help. Lawyers have more familiarity with the workers’ compensation system and often can anticipate problems before they arise. They also can help you prepare if you have a hearing or are exchanging settlement demands and offers. Even if you are halfway through your workers’ compensation case, it may be a great help to have someone on your side.

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