Communicating with Your Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant
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Communicating with Your Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant

If you are working with a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC), it is very important to communicate with your QRC about your work injury. Your QRC’s job is to help you return to work or find a new job. Without crucial information about your case, your QRC might not be able to help you in the most effective way.

Although QRCs are supposed to be “independent” providers who help injured workers, there are good and bad QRCs in Minnesota. Biased, ineffective QRCs loyal to the insurance companies can hold back your case progress by:

  • Pushing you to return to work before you are ready
  • Trying to convince your doctor to release you to work without restrictions
  • Downplaying your injury
  • Disregarding creative return-to-work solutions
  • Not giving you resources for an effective job search

Good QRCs do the opposite. They address all of your injuries, clarify your restrictions, develop a realistic timeline for return to work, and help you manage your retraining or job search. You have the right to select the QRC of your choice within 60 days after the insurance company picks a different QRC.

To get the most out of your QRC, you need to communicate all important information about your case to him or her. For example, your QRC needs to know how you were injured, which treatment you have and have yet to receive, your work restrictions, your job history, your current job duties and rate of pay, and more. Much of this information will be discussed during the initial rehabilitation consultation.

Your QRC will use the information you provide to prepare a rehabilitation plan. The plan may contemplate actions that you will take over weeks or months. Because it takes time to return to work, you need to keep your QRC updated about all changes in your case. For example, if your medical restrictions change, tell your QRC. If your employer indicates that you cannot return to your old job before the injury, tell your QRC.

In addition to communicating with you, your QRC can talk to your doctors, your employer, and even the insurance company about your case. All this communication is for the best – it can help you get back to work in the most efficient and safe way possible, earning the same wage or better.

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