Could a Car Accident at Work Jeopardize Your Job
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Could a Car Accident at Work Jeopardize Your Job?

If you are in a car accident while at work, your job could be in jeopardy. Coupled with the potential termination of your employment, you may need workers’ compensation benefits and could have a personal injury case.

How Could a Car Accident at Work Affect Your Job?

Getting into a car accident while working could affect your job in two ways. First, you could run afoul of your employer’s rules or the state’s driving laws. Second, you might no longer meet your employer’s requirements for your job.

Your employer may have rules concerning safety on the road, which employees can drive company vehicles, or which employees can drive on work time. For instance, if you got into the accident because you were using your cell phone in the car in violation of your employer’s rules, then you could be fired as a result. Further, you may have violated state driving laws or received a driving citation, which could be another reason for your employer to end your employment.

Employers whose employees drive for work often create strict job descriptions. You might be required to drive for a certain number of hours per week, have the ability to operate all kinds of vehicles, or have other job requirements. If you get injured in the accident and cannot fulfill the job requirements anymore, your employer could terminate your job. But you may still have the right to workers’ comp benefits.

What Should You Do If You Are in a Car Accident While Working?

All employees who are in car accidents while working should immediately report the accidents to their employers. The employers may need to make vehicle insurance and workers’ compensation insurance claims within a certain time.

If it was anything other than a very minor accident with no vehicle damage, you may require medical attention. Talk to your employer about your need to see a doctor because your office may use a certified managed care plan. If your employer does not have a managed care plan or tells you to see someone on your own, carefully document your medical treatment, make sure your employer files a workers’ comp claim, and send all bills to the workers’ comp insurance company. Talk to a workers’ comp attorney for more guidance.

Further, you might have a personal injury claim against the others involved in the accident. You can speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case. Your employer may be concerned about the possibility of a personal injury case or may seek to recover for property damage to a company vehicle. If you have a lawyer, alert him or her that you were working when you got in the accident so that your lawyer can get in touch with your employer.

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