Cuts and Bruises: Can You Recover Benefits in Minnesota


Cuts and Bruises: Can You Recover Benefits in Minnesota?

Workers who suffer from cuts and bruises in job accidents may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. All kinds of injuries can be compensable in Minnesota, not just very serious ones.

Does It Matter How Serious the Cut or Bruise Is?

In Minnesota, you can receive workers’ compensation benefits as long as a cut or bruise is serious enough to require time off work or medical treatment. While you should probably report even minor bruises or cuts to your employer, you may not need any significant treatment for them. Often you can wait for a bruise to resolve, or you can put antibiotic ointment and a bandage on a small cut. Minnesota workers’ comp doesn’t pay you for a minor injury like this.

No matter how small the injury, though, you should make sure that you follow all precautions. Take care of a cut so that it heals and does not become infected. Take it easy after a bruise. Also, wear protective equipment, follow safety rules, and alert your manager if you repeatedly have minor work injuries.

Which Benefits Can You Receive?

Minnesota offers several types of workers’ compensation benefits depending on what you need after your injuries. For example, you could receive:

  • Payment for doctors’ visits
  • Medication benefits
  • Payment for dressings and bandages
  • Partial lost wages
  • Help returning to work

With a serious cut or deep bruise, you may even need long-term medical treatment. Workers’ compensation can cover physical therapy or surgery needed because of a workplace injury.

The key to receiving these helpful benefits is reporting your initial injury. You should report it as soon as possible to your employer. If your boss or Human Resources shrugs off a minor injury, insist on treatment if you feel that you need it. A deep cut could scar if not stitched closed properly, and a bruise could be a sign of serious internal injuries. For more help recovering benefits, speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer in Minnesota.

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