Injured After Giving Notice: Handling Workers’ Comp When You Just Quit Your Job
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Injured After Giving Notice? Handling Workers’ Comp When You Just Quit Your Job

More frequently than you might think, workers get injured after they have given notice but before they have worked their last day at a job. Accidents and injuries happen all the time, without regard to when people quit their jobs or give notice. The Minnesota workers’ compensation laws recognize that workers should receive benefits in these situations, but the workers may run into some obstacles on the way.

Reporting Timeline

If you get injured after you have given notice, it is very important to report the injury right away to your employer. As described below, if you wait until after your last day to report, your initial request for benefits is likely to be denied. Even if your employer or supervisor thinks you are faking the injury since it is so close to your last day, insist that they report it to their workers’ compensation insurance company. If you find out about the injury after you leave the job, still make the effort to contact your former employer so that it is on notice of your claim.

Insurance Company Doubts

Unfortunately, claims for benefits by employees who recently gave notice raise a lot of suspicion in the minds of insurance company adjusters. They think that these workers are faking their injuries or purposefully let themselves get hurt. They think the workers do not want to work but want a regular check in the mail. Insurance companies will go out of their way to “investigate” claims made by workers who just gave notice or just left their jobs.

Do not let this skepticism stop you from seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Minnesota law entitles all employees whose injuries arise out of and in the course of employment to receive benefits, no matter how close the injury occurred to their last day of work. Be aware, however, that the insurance company most likely will deny your initial claim, and you will want to file a Claim Petition with the help of a lawyer.

New Job Challenges

Workers injured just before they start new jobs face a variety of challenges. Your former employer may claim that it could have accommodated your restrictions if you had not given notice and left. Your medical restrictions may prevent you from doing the new job altogether. You may need temporary or permanent disability benefits because you cannot work. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can help you address these challenges. You may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation, including retraining for a new job. Seek legal help to learn more.

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