Injured During a Company Party or Team Building Exercise? What’s Next


Injured During a Company Party or Team Building Exercise? What’s Next

If you have been injured during a company party or team building exercise, you may not realize your rights in Minnesota. You could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help you recover from your injury.

Surprising numbers of people get injured at company parties or during team building exercises. These events can create unusual risks for workers, due to:

  • New and unfamiliar situations
  • Use of alcohol
  • Physical activity
  • Being outdoors
  • Different shoes or clothing
  • Unsafe conditions

Companies may ask employees to exert themselves in unfamiliar ways during team building exercises. Sometimes company parties include open bars or take place outside the office. These scenarios can all lead to workplace injuries.

Just because an injury happens outside the office does not mean that a worker cannot receive benefits. Many workers in Minnesota receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that happen in the course of and arising out of employment but not physically in the office. In general, an injury that happens during a required work event will be compensable, with a few exceptions.

There are a few situations when you may not be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits for an injury at a party or team building exercise. For example:

  • You overindulged in alcohol, and the injury was due solely to your intoxication
  • You were horseplaying or joking around, not performing work duties
  • You went to a non-company sanctioned event organized by coworkers
  • You intentionally violated safety rules at the location

Whether you can receive workers’ compensation benefits for a specific injury depends highly on the circumstances. When you speak to a lawyer, discuss all details of the injury, including where you were, why you were there, the time, and what you were doing. This information could help win your claim.

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