Is Your Employer Ignoring You During Your Workers’ Comp Case?
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Is Your Employer Ignoring You During Your Workers’ Comp Case?

If you feel like your employer is ignoring your during your workers’ compensation case, you may need some tips on improving communication. Be aware, however, that sometimes employers prefer to communicate through others for workers’ comp purposes.

  1. Clarify What You Need from Your Employer

What are you trying to communicate with your employer about? If you’re getting only radio silence when you reach out to H.R. or managers, you may need to clarify what you need. You may be having trouble doing your job due to your workplace injury and need to discuss specific accommodations. You may need to obtain important documents about your case, such as paystubs. Or your employer may be self-insured and you have questions about benefits payments.

  1. Talk to the Right Person

After you determine what you need from your employer, make a specific request in writing for the information or documents. If you have a lawyer, the lawyer can ask on your behalf. If you do not have a lawyer, communicate with Human Resources or the manager who is dealing with your workers’ comp case. If you need a document by a specific date because of workers’ comp deadlines, make sure to specify this in your communication.

  1. Your Employer May Not Have All the Answers

Keep in mind that unless your employer is self-insured, the workers’ compensation insurance company will handle most issues with workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer generally cannot or will not answer those types of questions.

In addition, some employers simply fail to communicate well with employees who are injured at work. They may ignore requests for information and documents, fail to help employees with return to work or accommodations, and make the process much more difficult than necessary. Sadly, some employees who work for companies like this end up being terminated or “laid off” due to their workplace injuries.

  1. Seek Out Help from a Lawyer

If you are struggling to communicate with your employer and feel like you are being ignored, talk to a lawyer. Lawyers can help not only if you are fired because of your workers’ compensation claim but also with pursuing your benefits. Sometimes when a lawyer gets involved, an employer becomes more willing to communicate. Other times, the lawyer can help the injured employee get benefits even if the employer continues to ignore them.

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