Mental Health Treatment for Workplace Injuries
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Mental Health Treatment for Workplace Injuries

It is important to get mental health treatment for a workplace injury if you need it. Long after the physical scars have faded, you may face significant mental health challenges. Treatment and possibly medication can help.

Why to Seek Treatment (Even If the Mental Health Issues Are Not Compensable)

You should seek out mental health treatment after a traumatic workplace injury even if you believe that workers’ comp will not pay for it. First, you might learn that the insurance will cover your treatment if you have (1) a mental health issue that directly arose from a physical injury (such as depression because of an amputation), (2) a physical injury stemming from an extreme work-related mental issue (such as stress causing a stroke), or (3) diagnosed PTSD from work.

Second, your mental health issues could pose a significant barrier to your recovery and return to the workplace. If you have depression, for example, you may find that you are unmotivated to seek out a new job. Working with a qualified rehabilitation consultant may turn out poorly because you do not have the drive to finish your rehabilitation plan.

How to Seek Mental Health Treatment

Look for licensed mental health providers in your area for treatment. You might ask family members, friends, your other doctors, or your workers’ compensation lawyer for suggestions about who to visit. The provider you visit could be called a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a therapist.

As with other medical providers, you should not be afraid to change doctors if the first one you visit is not a good fit. If you are receiving workers’ compensation medical benefits to cover your visits, you may only have a short time to change doctors.

You may need additional mental health services beyond visits to talk to a mental health professional. For example, you may attend group therapy sessions or support groups, take medication, begin exercising or doing yoga, visit a dietician, or purchase metal healing necklaces. Please keep in mind that not all of these services or items will be covered by insurance. If you want to seek a particular treatment, talk to the insurance company first to see if it will pay.

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