Multiple Workers’ Comp Cases You Might Need Legal Help
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Multiple Workers’ Comp Cases? You Might Need Legal Help

If you have multiple workers’ compensation cases, you might need some legal help to handle them. More than one case can become a hassle to handle, especially if you have been denied benefits.

Why Might You Have More than One Workers’ Comp Case?

An employee might have more than one workers’ compensation case for a few reasons:

  • The employee works two jobs and was injured at both
  • The employee was injured twice at the same job
  • The employee was injured a long time ago and recently aggravated the injury
  • The employee settled an older case but left future medical open, and now the employee got injured again

Getting injured twice is unfortunately all too common, especially for those working in high-risk industries such as construction or sports.

How Can a Lawyer Help with Your Workers’ Comp Cases?

Two or more ongoing workers’ comp cases is a lot to handle. You have to keep medical bills and treatment documents, speak to the insurance companies, and also hold down a job or try to return to work. You need to avoid mixing up documents for the different cases – increasingly difficult as the mountain of paperwork grows.

When you hire a lawyer, you leave those struggles behind. The lawyer and his or her staff take over handling the paperwork and talking to the insurance companies. Since you might be having trouble getting the benefits you deserve, the lawyer can build a legal case showing that you are entitled to them.

In addition, the lawyer may advise you about the possibility of settlement. When you have two or more workers’ comp claims, especially with the same employer or through the same insurer, the insurer might have an incentive to settle. Whether the insurer wants to pay a smaller sum to close the cases or a larger sum because of repeated safety problems at your employer, your lawyer can assist with negotiations. Your first step for getting legal help is setting up a free consultation with a local lawyer.

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