My Employer Says My Injury Is Too Minor to Report. What Next?
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My Employer Says My Injury Is Too Minor to Report. What Next?

Employers must get workers’ compensation insurance to cover employee injured at work. If your employer says your injury is too minor to even report to its insurance company, you may wonder whether your injury truly is minor and whether you qualify for benefits.

Your employer might view the following types of injuries as too minor to report:

  • Small cuts
  • Twisted ankles
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Aches
  • Headache
  • Coughing

Unfortunately, many of the items on this list may get worse or be symptoms of a much more serious medical problem. For example, a cut could need stitches or become infected if not treated. Stiffness could lead to a disabling strain or muscle pull, and a headache could indicate dangerous chemical exposure.

Keep in mind that for injuries that do turn out to be minor and heal quickly, you may still be eligible for some benefits. If you are off work for only a few days, the insurance company may not have to pay wage loss benefits. However, you could receive payment of medical expenses.

You and your employer should not make assumptions about how serious or minor an injury is based on your initial symptoms. If you believe that the injured occurred while performing your job duties or otherwise happened at work, take it seriously.

First, urge your employer to report it to the insurance company. Once you report the injury to your employer, it should send a First Report of Injury to the company no matter how minor the injury initially looks. Seek out medical treatment, and document what happened. Also consider seeking a workers’ compensation attorney to help you, as the insurer will likely deny benefits.

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