My Wage Loss Benefits Are Ending. How Can I Resolve My Case?
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My Wage Loss Benefits Are Ending. How Can I Resolve My Case?

You get a notice in the mail that your wage loss benefits for a workplace injury are ending soon. Worried about paying the bills, you remember that your case could settle for a lump sum of money. Now you are wondering how to resolve your case.

Here’s the Truth: Not All Cases Settle

Not all workers’ compensation cases settle after the wage loss benefits run out. Sometimes, the insurance company continues to dispute the need for certain medical treatments. If the worker needs these treatments and cannot afford them, settlement talks may collapse because the worker and insurance company cannot agree to settle the medical benefits part of the case. Or the insurance company may continue to dispute liability for retraining or particular wage loss benefits.

But Many Cases Do Settle to the Injured Workers’ Benefit

While there is no guarantee of settlement for your case, many workers’ compensation cases do settle. The injured workers receive lump sums of money in exchange for releasing their rights to any more wage loss, medical, or vocational rehabilitation benefits in the future.

When your wage loss benefits end, you do not lose the right to medical benefits. In fact, many injured workers need continuing medical treatment for years afterwards. They may learn in the future that you need surgery or need a more expensive prescription. Some cases settle while leaving the future medical benefits “open” – the worker does not release those claims. In this way, they can receive the medical treatment they need for the work injury but effectively close out the rest of the workers’ comp case.

If You Want to Get the Best Settlement, You Need a Lawyer

You already may have a settlement offer from the insurance company. Unfortunately, the first offer is rarely the best offer, and you may need to negotiate to get the result you want. Find an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you during settlement negotiations. Lawyers who handle many Minnesota workers’ comp cases are familiar with appropriate settlement amounts for clients in your situation. They also know the tactics that insurance companies use to pay as little in settlement money as possible. As a result, they can help you evaluate a settlement offer and potentially negotiate for more money.

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