Never Worked with a Lawyer? What to Expect
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Never Worked with a Lawyer? What to Expect

When you begin working with a lawyer for the first time on your workers’ compensation claim, you may not know what to expect. Your lawyer can explain the workers’ compensation process to you, but each case is different and so different hurdles could come up during your case. Here are a few things you can expect from hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer.


To best represent you, your lawyer needs to communicate with you. You likely will have an initial meeting, at which you can get your questions answered, learn about the lawyer’s qualifications, and hear his or her thoughts on your case. Make sure to answer your lawyer’s questions fully and truthfully. You will want to have important names, dates, and paperwork handy.

After the initial meeting, your lawyer will begin working on your case. You will not hear from him or her every day or every week. Most workers’ compensation lawyers have many clients, so they reach out to each client when something new happens in the client’s case.

Strong Advocacy

Your lawyer is your advocate in the workers’ compensation process. He or she is there to protect your rights and act in your best interest. Your employer and the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company do not have your best interests at heart. Rather, they want to minimize the costs of paying for your medical treatment and lost wage benefits. Your lawyer spends his or her entire workday dealing with legal questions and helping employees who have been denied benefits. Listen to your lawyer’s assessment of your case and follow his or her instructions to mount the best case for receiving benefits.


While your lawyer cannot make promises about the outcome of your case, you should expect progress to happen over time. When you get an update from your lawyer, ask about the next steps you can expect. If something changes in the case, ask how it will affect your benefits or potential settlement. Most of all, be patient as you and your lawyer make your way through the workers’ compensation process. It can take time to resolve your case and achieve positive results.

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