Receiving Physical Therapy Treatments for a Workplace Injury
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Receiving Physical Therapy Treatments for a Workplace Injury

When you suffer from a workplace injury, you may need a variety of different treatments to recover. Physical therapy could benefit you by increasing your range of motion and flexibility. It may help you return to work more quickly.

Can You Receive Physical Therapy for a Workplace Injury?

In Minnesota, injured workers can receive physical therapy as part of the treatments for a workplace injury. Some of the treatment parameters, such as those for back injuries, specifically say that patients may need physical therapy. These parameters are a guide for doctors and other medical staff as to allowable and appropriate treatment for different types of injuries. All prescribed treatment, including physical therapy, must be reasonable and necessary to treat an injury.

How Do You Get Physical Therapy?

Talk to your doctor about whether you should go to physical therapy. It may take some time for you to heal before you can start the therapy because it usually involves repeated exercises during sessions and at home. This could be too difficult for someone with a serious injury at first. If the doctor says that you should go to physical therapy, ask for a recommended provider.

What If the Insurance Company Denies a Claim for Physical Therapy?

Sometimes workers’ compensation insurance companies deny claims for physical therapy expenses, arguing that the treatment is not medically necessary. You may need a lawyer to advocate on your behalf to get the therapy bills paid. If you are working with a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC), he may facilitate communication between your doctor and the insurance company. Having your doctor write a specific note requiring you to attend physical therapy, or some other solution, could lead to benefits getting paid. Again, if you are struggling with claim denials, reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney for help.

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