Recovering Workers’ Comp Benefits for PTSD
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Recovering Workers’ Comp Benefits for PTSD

If you have been diagnosed with PTSD as a workplace injury, you may need help receiving workers’ compensation benefits. You may face barriers in initially getting benefits and in getting the proper medical treatment.

Is PTSD a Covered Workplace Injury for Benefits?

Absolutely, PTSD is a recognized possible workplace injury in Minnesota. Many serious workplace accidents lead to post-traumatic stress disorder for employees. PTSD can manifest in many different ways, and it can arise months or even years after an accident.

You could have PTSD if you witnessed a coworker injured in a traumatic accident, or if you had one yourself. You also could have PTSD if there was a traumatic event at your workplace like a robbery or car accident. Medical staff, firefighters, and police officers are at even higher risk for PTSD than other workers. However, you probably will not be able to recover benefits if your PTSD was caused by normal workplace events, such as performance evaluations or stressful presentations.

What Should You Do If You Believe You Have PTSD?

If you think you might have symptoms of PTSD, talk to a doctor about getting an official diagnosis. You will most likely need a doctor’s report as you pursue benefits. Also, you should report your symptoms and diagnosis to your employer. When you do, be sure to explain that you believe the PTSD is work-related. Also mention if there was a triggering accident or event that you recall.

Insurance companies tend to deny claims for “mental” injuries. Sometimes there is doubt whether PTSD or other illnesses are work-related, especially if a claim was made long after the triggering event. That is why talking to your doctor and getting a diagnosis are very important.

Fortunately, experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Minnesota have helped other workers with PTSD. You should speak to a lawyer if you have a PTSD diagnosis or suspect that you have this disorder. Ask what you need to do to improve your chances of receiving benefits. Also, ask which kinds of treatment you can receive if you do get benefits. Minnesota laws sometimes limit the number of treatment sessions you can attend. In short, understand your rights if you have PTSD from work.

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