Skin Diseases and Minnesota Workers’ Compensation
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Skin Diseases and Minnesota Workers’ Compensation

If you have a skin disease and think it might be related to your job, you might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Several different skin diseases or issues may arise from common workplace triggers and cause health problems for employees.

What Kinds of Skin Diseases Could Be Caused by Work?

You might be surprised how many skin diseases and issues potentially occur because of workplace conditions. Workers’ compensation benefits could be available if you have:

  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Allergies leading to skin rash
  • Skin cancer, such as melanoma
  • Hives

Dermatitis comes in many forms, some of which could occur if you merely touch something that irritates your skin. Even something as simple as wearing a certain brand of latex gloves could lead to a rash. Other skin diseases develop over time, such as skin cancer, or worsen due to triggers at work, such as allergies or eczema.

How Could Workplace Conditions Trigger Skin Diseases?

Nearly any workplace could expose employees to conditions that trigger skin diseases. But you might be more likely to have a compensable disease if you work with strong chemicals, work in a lab, handle hazardous materials, or work outdoors. Without proper safety precautions, exposure to chemicals can quickly lead to skin reactions. So can contact with plants or animals outdoors.

Workers’ Compensation for Skin Diseases

Luckily, employees whose skin diseases arise because of their jobs and develop in the course of their employment could receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits will pay for medical expenses, including visits to dermatologists and other specialists if necessary. They also pay for prescription medications or topical treatments that you might need.

People with skin diseases that may be caused by work can seek help receiving benefits by contacting a local workers’ compensation lawyer. A lawyer can explain the possible benefits available and the best route to potentially receiving them.

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