Were You Seriously Burned in a Work Accident What to Do Next


Were You Seriously Burned in a Work Accident? What to Do Next

If you were seriously burned in a work accident, you might not know what to do next. You will want to request workers’ compensation benefits, ensure you are receiving all benefits you deserve, and concentrate on recovery.

Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Burn Injuries

Burn injuries from workplace accidents could be very painful, take a long time to heal, and even cause serious scarring. When a burn injury does not heal well, you could get an infection or make the scarring even worse. As a result, you must get proper medical attention and treatment after suffering a burn.

Workers’ compensation benefits can pay for the cost of medical treatment that you need after a work-related burn injury. For example, the insurance company should cover hospital visits, outpatient care, prescriptions, and even plastic surgery or dermatology consultations.

Most importantly, you must report your injury to your employer soon after it happens. Then your employer should contact its workers’ compensation insurance company about the injury. The insurance company then notifies you if it grants or denies benefits.

Getting All the Benefits That You Deserve

It is common for the insurance company to deny some benefits to injured workers. For example, you might receive payment of medical expenses but not wage loss benefits – even though you took time off work because of the burn. You might even have trouble doing your job because of the injury. In that case, you can request vocational rehabilitation benefits. If you think that you have not received all the benefits that you need, have a workers’ compensation lawyer review your case.

Focusing on Recovery

In the whirlwind of trying to get workers’ compensation and trying to return to work, you may forget about recovery. Serious burns take time and energy to heal. If you push yourself too hard, you could suffer from an infection or another setback in recovery. That is why getting a lawyer is often very helpful. A lawyer takes over your case, fighting for your benefits while you heal. You won’t have to worry about filling out confusing paperwork or spending hours on the phone with the insurance company. If you haven’t already, try a free consultation with a Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer.

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