What Kind of Documents Do You Need for Your Workers’ Comp Case?
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What Kind of Documents Do You Need for Your Workers’ Comp Case?

When you begin a workers’ comp case, you probably have questions about which documents you will need. The answer is that there are quite a few different documents that you (or your lawyer) may need to request or gather.

Which Documents to Keep or Find

In general, do not throw away workers’ compensation paperwork while your case is pending. You never know when you will need a piece of paper from months ago. You should keep track of:

  • Doctor’s notes
  • Medical bills – especially bills addressed to you
  • Other medical paperwork such as lab test results
  • The First Report of Injury
  • Employment-related documents, such as a job description, paystubs, and employee handbook
  • Documents that the insurance company sends you
  • Documents that the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry sends you
  • Anything your Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant gives you, such as a rehabilitation plan

In particular, you need to keep any medical bills addressed to you so that you can ask the insurance company to pay them. Otherwise, unpaid bills may go to collections and affect your finances. As long as the bills are for medical services reasonably related to your injury, the insurance company should pay them. But you do need to show the insurer that the bills exist.

Which Documents to Bring When You First Meet with a Lawyer

When you first meet with a lawyer, you should bring most of the documents listed above. In particular, the lawyer will want to know:

  • When you were injured
  • The diagnosis based on your medical records
  • What it says on the First Report of Injury
  • What is happening in your case now – have benefits been denied, have you filed a Claim Petition or received a settlement offer, etc.
  • Whether you have work restrictions or limitations in your personal life
  • Your prospects of returning to work.

Bring along paperwork and be prepared to discuss these topics with the lawyer. If you retain a lawyer, he or she will take over managing much of the paperwork for you.

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