When Construction Workers Have No Workers’ Comp Insurance
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When Construction Workers Have No Workers’ Comp Insurance

As a construction worker, you face a high rate of workplace injuries and the possibility of not having workers’ compensation insurance. Not having insurance can become very costly for a contractor using a subcontractor who gets injured on the job.

For Construction Contractors

If you are a Minnesota construction contractor, you need to have workers’ compensation insurance if you have any employees. In some cases, subcontractors could actually be your employees under the law, even if you call them contractors. You can read more about the factors that may indicate that your subcontractor is an employee on our blog.

If you have no workers’ compensation insurance, consider purchasing some today. Without insurance, you could be personally liable to pay benefits to an injured worker who is considered to be your employee. A single injured subcontractor could cost you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is not a risk you want to take for your business.

Also, check that your subcontractors who have employees have insurance by searching online here. If your subcontractors do not have insurance or their insurance lapses while they work for you, you could be liable to pay benefits for an injured employee of a subcontractor.

For Construction Subcontractors

Subcontractors may need insurance too if they have any employees – even casual workers who only do one or two days’ work. Employees may include day laborers, non-U.S. citizens, and minors.

If you are a subcontractor but work alone, make sure that you are protected by asking the contractor whether he has workers’ compensation insurance. You could get hurt on the job and need benefits that the insurance would provide. The contractor may be hesitant to get insurance coverage, but remind him of the money he could save if you or another subcontractor were to get injured on the job. You can check if he has insurance here.

For subcontractors who just got injured, figure out whether the contractor has insurance and whether he has reported your injury to the insurance company. If not, make sure you report your injury to him and ask him to notify the insurer. You can reach out to the insurer yourself to check on the status of your claim. If benefits get denied – which they may, since the insurer will argue you are not an employee – you may need to speak to an attorney about your case.

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