When Your Employer Offers You Work, But It Doesn’t Match Your Restrictions
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When Your Employer Offers You Work, But It Doesn’t Match Your Restrictions

If you are ready to return to work after a workplace injury, your employer may offer you tasks that do not match your medical restrictions. It can be frustrating to deal with an employer who does not understand that you cannot do everything you once could at work.

Talk to Your Employer

Explain to your employer why you cannot perform certain tasks because of your restrictions. For example, schedule a meeting with your manager and bring your doctor’s note. Show your manager the lifting restriction listed on your doctor’s note, and explain that several objects you use for work weigh more than the limit you can lift. Ask if another employee can help you lift them, or if you can be assigned to other tasks that do not involve lifting.

Sometimes, the solution will be simple – your manager will agree to assign you to other tasks while you have restrictions. Sometimes, your employer may tell you that there is no way to accommodate your restrictions. Sometimes, you will need to get other people involved in the conversation.

Get Your QRC and Your Doctor Involved

Your Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) can help you talk to your employer about work that fits within your restrictions. QRCs often have experience placing people into different jobs at the same workplace. They can suggest possible positions or different job duties that you and your employer might not have considered.

Also, you can talk to your doctor about your restrictions. Maybe your doctor can write a more specific doctor’s note that clarifies what you can and cannot do. This could help your employer find a way to accommodate you.

More Tips for Medical Restrictions at Work

  • You should never work against your medical restrictions. You could make your injury worse, injure another body part, or lose your benefits.
  • Depending on your restrictions, it is possible that your employer cannot accommodate you. In that case, talk to the QRC about finding another job.
  • Keep track of all discussions with your employer about your medical restrictions. Print out emails, and take notes after in-person meetings or phone calls.

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