Which Benefits Can You Receive If You Are Retraining for a New Job?
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Which Benefits Can You Receive If You Are Retraining for a New Job?

If you are participating in retraining for a new job position as a result of a work injury, you can continue receiving some wage loss benefits. In addition, you can continue to receive medical benefits and additional vocational rehabilitation benefits. Make sure you are getting appropriate compensation by reviewing the list below.

  1. Wage Loss Benefits

People doing retraining can receive either temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits. If you are not working while you retrain, then you should be getting TTD benefits. The insurance company pays you your average weekly wage before the injury in TTD benefits. If you are working while you retrain, then you should receive the difference between your wages before the injury and your wages now in TPD benefits. You can receive either TTD or TPD benefits for up to 156 weeks while you finish retraining.

  1. Medical Benefits

You may need more medical treatment while you participate in a retraining program. Continue seeing your primary treating physician as needed and go to any specialist appointments or physical therapy. If you need the insurance company to approve new treatments or surgery, notify it right away. After your retraining ends and you find a new job, you may have a harder time getting medical benefits approved. This is because the insurance company sidelines your case – you are back to work, so it is less important to the insurer to move the case forward.

  1. Additional Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

While you take your retraining course, you can take advantage of other vocational rehabilitation benefits. Your qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) should have included these benefits in your rehabilitation plan. If not and you need them, talk to your QRC about revising the plan. The benefits could include:

  • The cost of tuition, books, and travel
  • Day care for your children
  • Room and board when rehabilitation requires residence away from home
  • Moving expenses

In addition, your QRC may continue helping you job search while you retrain. The job search should include a search for a job using the new skills that you are learning.

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