Which Doctor Should You Visit First?


Which Doctor Should You Visit First?

After a workplace injury, you should seek medical treatment from at least one qualified doctor. But which doctor should you visit first? The answer depends on the type of injury you have and several other factors.

Emergency Care First

Before you do anything else, get emergency care for your workplace injury if you need it. Call an ambulance, ask someone to drive you to the emergency room or urgent care, or drive yourself if you are able. Even if you are concerned about the cost of emergency care, your health and well-being are much more important. Plus, the insurance company should pay for emergency care that you need as a result of the workplace injury.

Follow-Up Care

Next, if you need follow-up care or if you did not need to go to the emergency room, talk to your regular doctor about a referral to a specialist. Depending on the type of injury, you may not be sure which kind of doctor you need for long-term treatment. Your regular general practice doctor who does your yearly physicals can refer you to the appropriate specialist.

For people who do not have regular doctors, you can go straight to a specialist. Keep in mind that some specialists do not see patients without referrals. You might need to find a general practitioner first.

Alternatively, you can ask your lawyer or friends and family for doctor recommendations. Your lawyer may have several clients with similar injuries who all like a particular doctor.

Physical Therapy, Surgery, and More

Either your general practice doctor or the specialist may refer you to additional medical providers. These providers may include physical therapists, surgeons, chiropractors, and more. Make an appointment and start getting treatment as soon as you can if your doctors recommend it. Otherwise the workers’ compensation insurance company may claim that you are resistant to healing and returning to work.

If you are having trouble getting the medical care you need because of the insurance company, talk to a lawyer about your case. In the meantime, continue to follow doctors’ advice and get treatment for your workplace injury.

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