What Is a Work Restriction in Minnesota?
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Will You Have to Answer Questions at the Independent Medical Exam?

When you go to an independent medical exam for the first time, you probably have little idea of what to expect. At the exam, you will have to answer some questions from the doctor or his staff. If you are worried about the exam or your case in general, learning a little more about which questions you might get asked can help you feel more prepared.

Which Questions Can You Expect?

Before, during, or after the physical medical exam, the doctor will ask you some questions. Topics for the questions may include:

  • Your medical history
  • Past injuries or medical conditions
  • Past medical treatment
  • How the workplace injury happened
  • Treatment you sought right after the injury
  • Current symptoms
  • Your treating doctor’s plan for treatment
  • Work restrictions
  • Ability to perform certain tasks

In particular, the doctor may be interested in your ability to perform certain tasks because it could affect if you can do your job. For example, if it causes you back pain to lift more than 10 pounds because of your injury, the doctor wants to know that.

Why Is the Doctor Going to Ask Questions?

The doctor asks you questions to get information about your injury, extent of your disability, and restrictions. This information goes into the doctor’s written report. Then the insurance company may use the report to deny you benefits or contest your need for medical procedures.

Although the insurance company schedules the IME for its own benefit, you should be honest and forthcoming during the exam. Make sure to tell the doctor about any pain or other symptoms you are experiencing, and be explicit about your limitations and abilities.

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