Workers’ Compensation for Factory and Warehouse Workers
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Workers’ Compensation for Factory and Warehouse Workers

As a factory or warehouse worker, you face a high risk of injury in the workplace and so you might need workers’ compensation in the future. Whether you have already been injured or worry about getting injured, it is important to understand how workers’ compensation can help you.

Risks of Factory and Warehouse Jobs

Factories and warehouses are dangerous places to work, especially considering that employees don’t always receive adequate safety training. The risks that you face include:

  • Forklift accidents
  • Getting hair or hands caught in machinery
  • Suffering cuts, bruises, and puncture wounds from pallets or equipment
  • Dealing with repetitive strain injuries from lifting, bending, or operating machines
  • Facing possible explosions or malfunctioning equipment

Moreover, factory and warehouse workers face typical risks of any workplace, such as slipping and falling on a wet floor. As a result of all these risks, it is very important that you receive safety training, wear protective equipment, and say something if the workplace seems unsafe. You could prevent yourself or your coworkers from getting seriously injured.

Getting Workers’ Compensation If You Are Injured

Despite safety precautions, warehouse and factory workers do get injured frequently. If you are injured, you probably need workers’ compensation to pay for medical expenses and time off work to recover. Minnesota workers’ comp benefits cover these costs, as well as the cost of help getting a new job or changing positions with your employer.

Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation companies who pay for these benefits often deny employees’ legitimate claims. The insurers might argue that you weren’t injured at work, that you are exaggerating the injury’s severity, or that you do not need certain medical treatments. For hard-working factory and warehouse employees, not getting benefits could cause serious financial trouble.

If you have been denied workers’ compensation benefits, consider talking to a local lawyer about your situation. Even if you have never used a lawyer before, you may find that getting advice on your workers’ compensation case helps you out. Workers’ compensation lawyers often offer free initial consultations, and finding one could get you the benefits you deserve.

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