Workers’ Compensation in Minnesota for a Heart Attack or Stroke
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Workers’ Compensation in Minnesota for a Heart Attack or Stroke

If you have a heart attack or stroke due to work in Minnesota, you could receive workers’ compensation benefits in some circumstances. Though not all kinds of heart attacks or strokes will qualify someone for benefits, it’s a possibility worth exploring if it happened at work.

Why Don’t All Heart Attacks or Strokes Qualify You for Benefits?

In Minnesota, workers can receive workers’ compensation if their injuries arise out of employment and occur in the course of employment. If someone has a heart attack at home while cooking a meal, it is very unlikely that he or she will qualify for benefits because the injury was not related to work. Further, if a worker has a stroke caused by a congenital disease while working in an office, then he or she probably will not qualify for benefits. The stroke happened not because of work obligations, but because of a personal medical issue.

When Could a Heart Attack or Stroke Qualify You for Benefits?

In contrast, a worker might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if the heart attack or stroke arose because of work. For example, someone who works in food science might have a workers’ compensation claim if he or she has a heart attack after years of being required to taste test fatty foods. Moreover, environmental factors such as exposure to dangerous chemicals can lead to strokes. Employees might have heart attacks or strokes if exposed to sudden stress at work, such as a robbery or workplace violence.

Strengthening a Case for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

To strengthen a case for workers’ compensation benefits needed because of a stroke or heart attack, you need medical evidence. Talk to your doctor about the causes of your illness. If your doctor thinks that work conditions might have contributed to the stroke or heart attack, ask him or her to write you a report stating it. You can give the report to the insurance company to help your argument.

You might also want to gather more evidence and witnesses. For example, did you have any imaging done before the illness arose, or did you recently have a physical? These medical records can show that you were healthy until work-related exposure caused the illness. There might be witnesses to the exposure who can help your case too.

Be prepared for the insurance company to deny your initial claim for benefits. You may want to speak to a lawyer about your prospects of appealing the denial and eventually receiving the benefits you need.

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