Working Through the Pain: Why Minnesotans Should Seek Workers’ Comp
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Working Through the Pain? Why Minnesotans Should Seek Workers’ Comp

Sometimes it is hard to ask for help when you are working through severe pain. If your pain comes from a workplace injury, then workers’ compensation could help.

When Working Through Pain Is Worse Than Getting Treatment

For many reasons, employees often hide pain, work through it, or self-medicate after workplace injuries. Pain can result from a sudden injury with lasting effects. Lots of people also experience pain that gradually gets worse over time, as with degenerating back injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unfortunately, pain can lead to some bad outcomes for injured workers, including:

  • Worsening chronic injuries
  • Re-injury of the same body part
  • A new injury
  • Taking too many painkillers
  • Difficulty performing certain tasks at work
  • Permanent disability
  • More expensive medical bills in the future

If you are experiencing pain from a workplace injury, know that you have options to get some relief. Workers’ compensation benefits could make your life better.

Workers’ Compensation for Pain

You have the ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits for pain treatment. And in many cases, you should request benefits as soon as possible to avoid higher medical bills and more health problems in the future.

Even if your pain started when you got injured at a previous job or the injury happened years ago, you still might qualify for benefits in some cases. It’s worth it to speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer about your options no matter how long ago the injury occurred.

If you win benefits related to your pain or the original injury, you could receive wage loss benefits for time off work or reduced wages, payment of medical bills, and even help changing jobs through vocational rehabilitation.

Sometimes people are worried about asking for help when they are in serious pain. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system – you will not be blamed for an injury, even if it was your fault. Nor will you have to prove that your employer caused the injury. You simply need to establish that it happened at work to get the benefits that you need.

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