Your Rights When You Get Injured on the First Day of Work


Your Rights When You Get Injured on the First Day of Work

It’s your first day of work at a new job, and you just got injured. Maybe your employer did not train you and threw you into dangerous tasks, or maybe you made a rookie mistake. Maybe you are unfamiliar with the work environment and fell on the stairs or cut yourself on something sharp. What should you do?

Workplace Injuries Can Happen at Any Time

A serious or minor workplace injury can happen when you least expect it. Your first day at a new job is not an uncommon time to get injured because you are unfamiliar with the job. You are especially at risk if you work in a high-risk occupation such as construction, chemical manufacturing, or similar because there are many safety rules to follow.

If you have already been injured, consider talking to your employer about improving employee training and fixing safety issues in the workplace so that this does not happen to someone else. If you are worried about getting injured on your first day, make sure you understand safety procedures before you perform a task, ask questions, and take your time completing your work.

Report Your Injury and Seek Medical Attention

Even though it is your first day and you do not want to make waves, you need to report your injury. If you do not report the injury, the company’s insurance will not pay for your medical treatment or time off work. You might even lose your job for taking time off right after you start.

To report the injury, talk to your supervisor or Human Resources. You may need to spend some time telling them how the injury happened and how you are injured. Your employer is supposed to report this information to its workers’ compensation insurance company.

Also, seek medical attention as soon as possible for your injury. If you need to go to the emergency room, do so immediately. If you do not need emergency attention, you can tell your employer about the injury before going to the doctor. Your new job may use a certified managed care plan, so you might need to see someone in the plan network for treatment.

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