Law Firm For Personal Injury Edina MN

Law Firm For Personal Injury Edina MN

Should You Hire An Accident Attorney For A Slip And Fall In Edina MN?

There are a number of different types of personal injury claims where you might get away with representing yourself without hiring a personal injury attorney in Edina MN. For example, a minor accident where the other driver is obviously at fault might not require legal representation as long as you are comfortable with representing yourself.

Cases Not Suited for Self-Representation

On the other hand, for a slip and fall case, it is not recommended that you attempt to go it alone. The fault for a slip and fall case is typically not clear and property owners are not likely to accept legal responsibility. Another reason to contact a personal injury law firm for this type of case is that the defendants often argue that the damages or injuries sustained by the plaintiff are not as severe as claimed.

The primary job of an accident attorney in a slip and fall case is to ensure that the insurance company and the defendant take the claim seriously. However, because these cases generally come down to damages and liability, it is important to understand just how crucial assistance from one of the top personal injury firms is on the key issues.

Establishing Fault

In order to get a fair settlement in a slip and fall case, the best personal injury lawyer knows that you must be able to prove that the injury occurred due to the negligence of the property owner. The lawyer will first investigate to determine exactly how the injury occurred and then figure out how the property owner can be held responsible.

At Osterbauer Law Firm, we are dedicated to using our knowledge of the personal injury claim process to get you the compensation that you deserve. Give us a call today at 612-334-3434.

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