Law Firm For Personal Injury Minnetonka MN

Law Firm For Personal Injury Minnetonka MN

What Will A Personal Injury Attorney Do For You In Minnetonka MN?

Regardless of whether your personal injury claim is settled or goes to trial, a personal injury attorney in Minnetonka MN will work to get the best result possible. After all, top personal injury law firms like Osterbauer Law Firm are paid on a contingency fee basis. This means that we are not paid any fees for representation unless you recover compensation for your claim.


The first thing that an accident attorney does is gather as much information about your case as possible. Therefore, all of the relevant details related to the extent and nature of your injuries as well as information used to determine fault will be ready for submission all at once. This evidence can include:

  • Government reports
  • Medical bills
  • Medical treatment records
  • Photographs
  • Police reports
  • Surveillance footage
  • Witness statements

Initial Demand

The next step in the process of a personal injury claim in Minnetonka MN is to make a demand to the insurer of the party responsible for your injury. If the initial demand results in an offer to settle, the attorney reviews it with you and recommends the way you should respond. Rarely is the initial offer the final offer.

The best personal injury lawyer will wait until there is a full understanding of the scope of your injuries and losses before a settlement offer is accepted. This includes all future medical care and how your ability to work is affected by your injury. Therefore, you will have accurate compensation to cover all of your medical and financial needs.

If an agreement is not reached during settlement negotiations, the personal injury law firm will then begin the lawsuit. For more information, call Osterbauer Law Firm at 612-334-3434.

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