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Assistance With PERA Retirement And Disability For Minnesota Workers

PERA, or the Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota, was set up to provide a public pension fund for public employees across the state. There are three different DBP or Defined Benefit Plans that are available through PERA MN to vested public employees meeting the eligibility requirements, which is a specific income level per year.

This same service also offers PERA disability in Minnesota, which can be applied for by public employees meeting eligibility requirements. These requirements include a disability that prevents a return to work for at least a year, as well as other factors.

While Minnesota PERA is a very good retirement and disability program, there can be difficulties during the application process. When these difficulties, denials, or problems occur, turn the PERA attorneys/lawyers at Osterbauer Law Firm.

Legal Help for PERA Retirement and Disability

Problems with PERA retirement applications often occur when MN employees have not been credited with work completed due to incorrect record keeping, name changes, and other similar issues. Changing positions and not reporting these changes to PERA, or having employers incorrectly report information can also lead to complications in meeting retirement criteria.

Our team of PERA attorneys understands the application process and the specific PERA MN requirements, and we can help to address problems and correct errors. We can also provide legal representation through a denied PERA disability claim, assisting our clients in getting the benefits they are entitled to based on their participation in the system as an MN public employee.