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Legal Representation For PERA Disability And Retirement In Minneapolis

Public employees in Minneapolis who qualify for PERA plans must meet specific requirements to begin accessing either their retirement benefits of any benefits through PERA disability claims.

For both retirement and disability through the system, eligible employees must file a retirement application or a PERA disability claim. This application or claim is reviewed and either approved or denied.

Retirement Issues

In many cases, errors in record keeping, including people moving between jobs or taking time off, cause problems in PERA retirement applications. Having PERA attorneys/lawyers review your documentation and assist in correcting these issues can make the process much easier for Minneapolis retirees.

Disability Claim Denials

When filing a PERA disability claim, it is essential to provide medical records and documentation to substantiate the claim. In many cases, the denial can be overturned in an appeal with the help of an attorney who can provide information as to what medical records are required.

There are benefits to having a PERA attorney or lawyer in Minneapolis review the initial application. This can address errors or omissions in the documentation provided by the applicant, as well as ensure all of the medical information and documentation is provided with the initial application.

If you have questions about a PERA disability claim application or in the event of a denial, or if you are concerned about your PERA retirement application, talk to the team of experienced PERA lawyers at Osterbauer Law Firm. We can assist you at any stage in the application or denial.