Can Students, Teachers, and Professors Get Workers Comp?


Can Students, Teachers, and Professors Get Workers Comp?

Students, teachers, and professors who suffer injuries while at school may wonder about getting their medical costs paid. In many situations, people who work or study at educational institutions are entitled to workers’ compensation to pay for wage losses and medical treatment.


Some medical students can receive workers’ compensation for injuries suffered while attending medical school. To get benefits, these students must:

  • Be enrolled in and regularly attending the Medical School of the University of Minnesota; and
  • Taking classes in the graduate school program or the postgraduate program.

These students can receive wage loss benefits based on their educational stipend amount each year. They cannot receive workers’ compensation benefits from the University as their employer if injuries are not related to their attendance at medical school.


Most public and private teachers receive workers’ compensation benefits through their employer – usually a school district, the state, or a private school. Teachers should check with their supervisor or union representative to find out how to report workplace injuries.


Some University of Minnesota faculty members are considered employees for workers’ compensation purposes even while on summer break. To qualify for the summer between two academic years, a faculty member must:

  • Have a contract or reasonable assurance of a contract from the University of Minnesota for the next academic year; and
  • Have an injury that arises out of and in the course of activities related to the faculty member’s employment by the University of Minnesota.

Professors and other academic staff are considered employees during the regular academic year too, so they can receive workers’ compensation benefits if injuries occur then.

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