You Missed Your IME Appointment. What Should You Do Next?
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You Missed Your IME Appointment. What Should You Do Next?

You missed your IME appointment, and now you are wondering what to do next. Missing an appointment can be embarrassing or frustrating, and even more so if you receive a notice in the mail reminding you that you missed it.

  1. Don’t Keep it a Secret

If you missed your appointment for the independent medical examination (IME), the workers’ compensation insurance company will find out quickly. You may receive a mailed notice or a phone call about the appointment, urging you to reschedule.

Don’t keep your missed appointment a secret – tell the insurance company and your lawyer right away. The insurance company can contact the examining doctor to reschedule a new IME appointment for you. Your lawyer can help you with any issues you experienced that led to missing the appointment. It is not advisable to tell the insurance company why you missed the appointment until after you talk to your lawyer.

  1. Possible Penalties for Missing an IME Appointment

Unfortunately, injured workers could face penalties for missing IME appointments, including discontinuance of wage loss or medical benefits. You need to have a good reason for failing to show up, or you need to notify the insurance company that you cannot attend with plenty of advance notice. If not, talk to your lawyer about what to tell the insurer. You should be prepared to provide proof of why you could not attend, such as evidence that you had a family emergency.

  1. Learn More About the IME

Remember that an independent medical exam is anything but independent. You and your lawyer already have a good idea of what the exam report will say, and it will mostly likely be favorable to the insurance company. All you need to do is show up, have a medical exam, and answer some questions about yourself.

The insurance company has to reimburse you for expenses when you attend an IME. These may include transportation, mileage, parking, and time off work. Your IME should take place no more than 150 miles from your home. IMEs typically last about one hour or so.

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