Can You Accept a Second Job While Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits?
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Can You Accept a Second Job While Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you are considering whether to accept a second job while you are also receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you should understand the consequences. If you already work a second job, your situation may be different.

What Happens If You Start Working a Second Job?

First of all, you may lose your wage loss benefits if you start working a second job. Workers may receive wage loss benefits if they return to work after an injury but are making less than they did before the injury. If you make up for the wage loss by taking on another job, it is possible that the insurance company will decide to end your benefits. In contrast, if you already had a second job before you got injured, your wage loss benefits should take into account your average weekly wage at both jobs.

Second, you may inadvertently violate your restrictions or get injured again. Many medical restrictions come with time limits on how much you can work or limitations on activities such as standing, sitting, or lifting. Working a second job inherently means that you will work more hours, meaning your risk of breaking the restrictions or getting injured again could be higher. Take this into account before you accept the job.

You Need the Money from the Second Job – Are There Other Options?

You may want to accept a second job because you need the money after a workplace injury. Instead of working so many hours, you could have other options:

  • Apply for state or federal disability
  • Obtain additional workers’ compensation benefits
  • Settle with the insurance company and receive a lump sum
  • Change jobs to earn a higher wage

An experienced Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney can evaluate whether you should be receiving additional benefits. For example, you may qualify for vocational rehabilitation or additional wage loss benefits. In addition, the attorney can attempt to settle your case, giving you a lump sum of money to pay the bills. You could receive more money in benefits or a settlement as a result, and you might even find a better-paying job.

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