Pros and Cons of Returning to Your Old Job with Accommodations
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Pros and Cons of Returning to Your Old Job with Accommodations

When returning to your old job with accommodations, you may experience some difficulties at first. Going back with changes in the workplace is a struggle for some people, and finding a new job may ultimately work out better. Before you return, have an idea of what to expect.

Pro: You Already Know Your Job

When you return to your old job, you have an advantage in that you already know what to do. You understand how to be successful at daily tasks and you know your manager. This can help you effectively advocate for accommodations that allow you to return to the same success level. Plus, you start earning wages again.

Con: You May Not Be as Good at Your Job, Even With Accommodations

Unfortunately, many people discover that they are not the same after workplace injuries. While doctors may initially feel that you can return to work, you may struggle at your job. Sometimes, the restrictions and accommodations are not enough to truly help you. In that case, you should talk to your doctor and your employer about making changes.

Pro: Your Employer Needs to Accommodate You

When you return to work after an injury, your employer should attempt to accommodate your restrictions if doing so does not place an undue hardship on the company. The employer should be willing to listen if you have trouble with the offered accommodations or your manager is not following them. Make sure you and your doctor clearly articulate what you need to perform your job (breaks, adaptive equipment, limited lifting, etc.)

Con: There Are Limits to Accommodations Required by Law

If you request an unreasonable accommodation or it is a great hardship on your employer to provide a requested accommodation, you may be out of luck. For example, an employer simply may not have a job that you can perform safely with your restrictions. You may need to seek another job if this is truly the case. Before you give up, though, make sure you understand why your employer cannot accommodate you and ensure that its reasons are within the law.

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