Can You Get Workers’ Compensation as a Part-Time Hourly Worker?
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Can You Get Workers’ Compensation as a Part-Time Hourly Worker?

Workers who are part-time and hourly may wonder if they can receive workers’ compensation like full-time employees can. It is very important for all workers to understand their rights if they get injured at work, and part-time workers are no exception.

Will You Get Workers’ Comp When You Are Part-Time?

Absolutely, workers’ compensation applies no matter how many hours you work every week. In the state of Minnesota, all employees who are injured in the course of and arising out of their employment can request workers’ compensation for their injuries. The benefits that employees could receive include payment of medical expenses, partial wage loss reimbursement, and vocational rehabilitation.

While employees may only work part-time, they still might get seriously injured at work. Employers cannot skip out of workers’ compensation insurance coverage if all of their employees work only a few hours a week. Even seasonal employers need insurance.

Does Hourly Pay Make a Difference for Workers’ Comp?

Again, how you are paid does not matter if you are injured at work. You can receive workers’ compensation benefits when you are hourly, salaried, or even paid by piece-rate. Hourly pay does affect the amount of wage loss benefits that you might receive – the benefits are calculated based on your average weekly wage. If you work a lot of overtime every week in addition to regular hours, check that overtime is factored into the AWW. Also, you may not receive very much money in wage loss benefits if you only work a few hours a week. But you are still entitled to the benefits.

To be clear, only employees can receive workers’ compensation, not independent contractors. You might be paid hourly but not be considered an employee by your company. However, many companies – especially smaller ones – incorrectly classify people as contractors when they should be employees. If you are called a contractor but act more like an employee, you might need to talk to a lawyer about getting workers’ comp for your injury.

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